Rocket Coffee Sampler

Need to try them all to select your favorite blend? Try our sampler pack. Our sampler comes with our top 5 premium roast certified organic coffees.

Autopilot Roast is a top secret recipe. It is a combination of three premium beans that create an explosion of flavor. Our house blend is bold, yet sweet, and offers an extremely smooth finish. It may be a top secret recipe but that won’t stop you from telling everyone you know to try it!

Launch Pad Roast is a perfectly balanced coffee with a dense caramel-like sweetness, signature intensity, light acidity and a complex spicy aroma.

Booster Roast is an intriguing combination of medium-sweet acidity with a smooth light finish. It is an organic, shade grown bean which contributes to its complex flavors. This coffee has a note-worthy bold, strong aroma; just smelling it brew will wake you up instantly!

Space Station Roast has subtle smokey, spicy overtones that pay tribute to the unique environment from which it comes from. This coffee, though heavy in body, has a surprisingly clean and sweet finish. Your taste buds will be awakened and begging for more!

Fusion Roast is a highly caffeinated brew. Don’t let the fresh, clean finish fool you, this coffee is jam packed with complex citrus and floral notes; making it your “go to” morning brew! Warning, this coffee has high levels of caffeine!

What is the Swiss Water Process?
The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a non-solvent method for decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans. It was introduced by Coffex in 1979, and was, at that time, the only commercial decaffeination method that did not use solvents.


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