Our Story

Rocket Beverage Company was born in Georgia in 2018 after learning of the need for a healthier coffee alternative. The company’s owner had a health scare that drove him to be more self-aware of the food and beverages he was consuming. Determined to improve his health, but without having to give up the one beverage he loved, he went on a mission to deliver a coffee that would be guilt free.

Many of the current store bought canned, packaged and bottled coffee is full of sugars, carbohydrates and preservatives. Wanting to change that, Rocket Beverage Company created healthy, safe alternatives to what is in stores today - Including, a number of dry coffee blends and coming soon, their very own cold bottled brew.

Today, Rocket’s organic, plant-based, gluten free, low calorie, organically grown coffee is available for everyone to enjoy. With beans from all over the world and roasted on demand, Rocket offers a truly unique coffee experience.