The Rocket Cold Brew story begins with the health-conscious vision of our owner from Jackson, MS. In early 2018 he was admitted to the hospital for severe kidney pain. After many tests, X-rays, CT scans and blood work. The doctors told him that he had 3 very large kidney stones and that he had Type-2 diabetes. As you can imagine he was in complete shock as he had no physical signs of the disease prior.

When he was discharged from the hospital he set out on his journey to recovery. As a lifelong coffee drinker, he found that nearly all canned or bottled coffee drinks sold had extremely high sugars or ridiculously high carbohydrates. Preventing him from drinking what he loved. Realizing that other people were experiencing the same thing, he set out to craft a cold brew coffee drink that was all natural, organic and had very little to any carbs or sugars.

Today, Rocket’s organic, plant-based, gluten free, low calorie cold brew coffee is available for everyone to enjoy. Rocket offers a truly unique coffee experience that is all-natural, locally sourced and hand-crafted with love!